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About Us

St. Patrick

Belief Statements

We believe that…

…the Gospel is the moral compass for our spiritual growth.

…the health, safety, and welfare of students is of prime importance.

…expectations can be different for each student, but each student can be expected to achieve.

…when parents and teachers work as a team, education is optimized.

…learning how to learn contributes to lifelong achievement.

Our role in the Community

Saint Patrick School has been a positive presence in the Franklin area since 1894. Firmly rooted in the Catholic Faith tradition, we strive to provide students with a solid spiritual and academic foundation on which to build. Although our students come from various communities, our family atmosphere brings us together. Those not of our faith feel welcome as well. It is our intention to maintain this presence as we continue the spiritual and academic formation of those entrusted to us. Today the teachers continue teaching the same values that were instilled in the students 120 years ago.